Book a Taxi and Pay by Card

Can you pay by card for a taxi? Yes Phoenix accepts card payments. Don’t worry about having to find change for a taxi home after a night out, or stopping by a cash machine. 

Book A Taxi And Pay By Card

Phoenix is a local taxi company who are proud to serve Northumberland, Newcastle and the North of Tyne area. Our ambition is to provide the best and most convenient service for all our customers. Offering customers the choice to pay by card for their taxi is one way we deliver on this promise.

At the end of your taxi journey, simply ask to pay by card, and the driver will hand you a contactless card reader that also has a Chip & PIN service to complete your payment. A receipt can also be obtained from your driver on request.


All our taxis are equipped to take contactless card, mobile phone payments and Chip & PIN payments so you don’t need to worry about carrying cash for your trip. We accept the following payment types:

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

All our cars are equipped with highly secure card reader devices for processing payments at the end of your journey. Our card readers are also able to take Contactless payments with compatible cards for payments under £100.

2 people in the back of a Phoenix taxi paying by card


If you won’t be travelling with the card you wish to pay with, try pre-paying for your journey by booking online or through our mobile app. If you’re booking taxis for a business, consider creating a taxi business account with us, you’ll then be able to pay for journeys monthly by invoice.

Our in-office taxi dispatch machines also feature secure card payment facilities, so you can pay by card in advance when booking by phone, or by calling us at the end of your journey by sending you a payment link – additional charges may apply for this facility.


We don’t receive any of your card details, or any personal information other than the name on the card. If you would prefer not to pay via the card reader you can ‘pay by link’ simply call us and we’ll text you a secure link to pay for your fare on your smartphone. Of course, all journeys can also be paid by cash if you don’t wish to pay by card.