We strive to be the most environmentally-focused taxi firm in the United Kingdom, and were the first UK taxi firm to introduce the Nissan Leaf as an Electric Taxi.

Investing in Vehicles 

Phoenix Taxis have spent years investing in vehicles which lessen the impact our business has on the environment. As a company we remain firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint and using electric taxis is key to this. Our fleet comprises of a range of electric vehicles and we are continually investing in the latest green technology.

Proudly using the Nissan LEAF

Phoenix was the first taxi firm in the UK to use Nissan’s 100% electric LEAF as a taxi. The LEAF emits no carbon during journeys, and there is no negative impact on the environment whatsoever whilst the car is running. As electric vehicle pioneers, we’ve managed to cut our carbon footprint by a third since 2010, despite almost doubling our financial turnover and dramatically increasing our fleet size.

Hybrid Vehicles

Our commitment to doing what we can to limit our impact on the environment is no flash in the pan. We’ve been running vehicles on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) since 1997, and since 2009 we’ve rapidly integrated a range of Hybrid vehicles to our fleet. We gained IS0140001 accreditation for our environmental management processes, and we constantly look for ways to reduce our carbon impact.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

We purchase vehicles new and consider CO2 emissions as an integral factor in deciding whether to add a vehicle to our fleet. We are only interested in progressive vehicle technologies, efficient in terms of both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Unlike other firms who claim to pursue a strong environmental policy by adding one or two token hybrid vehicles to their large fleets of older diesel vehicles, we are committed to eventually running an entirely carbon free fleet and we’ve already made huge inroads.

Low Carbon Emissions

We are the North East’s low-carbon taxi firm, and we enjoy the continued support from some of the region’s largest businesses who use us as a result. We are able to clearly delineate carbon savings calculations to business clients on request, and save some customers more than 950kg of CO2 emissions per month against the performance of a standard diesel taxi fleet.

The Tesla Executive Service

We are proud to offer the Tesla Model 3, a 100% electric supercar as part of our executive taxi service. Capable of covering 360 miles off a single charge it is a best in class example of how electric cars don’t compromise on performance or style.