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We have the largest taxi fleet in Cramlington, meaning we’re in the best position to guarantee you a taxi whenever you want it. We have years of experience serving the local area with dedicated Cramlington taxi drivers.

When you book with us, you’ll receive an automated text message to tell you the taxi is outside in addition to the make and model of the vehicle, so that you can easily identify it. We offer set fares on all journeys upon request at competitive prices.

Our office is fully-staffed 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. We offer eight seater taxis, and minibuses and coaches that can transport up to 69 people. We also have Cramlington taxis with wheelchair and pram access, and all of our cars are purchased new and subject to extensive quality maintenance processes to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. We’re the only Cramlington taxi company to offer clean and comfortable hybrid and electric vehicles and many of our cars are only a year or two old.

We also offer freephones in popular shopping outlets, such as Manor Walks shopping centre.

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital – The New Cramlington Hospital

We’re pleased to offer a freephone at the main entrance of the new NSECH in Cramlington available to visitors, patients, staff and guests. Anyone who needs a taxi from reception is welcome to call us. We’ll get you a taxi from the hospital to absolutely anywhere, with fixed fares available on request. We’re perfectly positioned to get to the hospital quickly, so if you need a taxi right away, don’t hesitate to give us a call using the phone in reception or by calling the number below from your mobile.

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