We use the latest technology to provide you with 24-hour service, supported by our fully-staffed taxi booking centre

Autocab Data Tech

Advanced booking technologies have revolutionised the way we do business in the last 10 years. We use Autocab Data Tech to ensure we can get you a car quicker than anyone else and provide a more reliable service than any other local taxi company. All Phoenix vehicles are fitted with mobile data terminals which provide the driver with his booking information and in-built satellite navigation takes him automatically to your collection or drop off point. The data system also features a taxi meter with a tariff set by our office.

Autocab also allows us to offer our customers online and mobile booking facilities.

Tracking all vehicles

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Phoenix Taxis uses Autocab ‘Ghost’ technology in our 24-hour, fully-staffed taxi booking centre. The Autocab booking screen allows us to accurately track all vehicles so we can get you the closest possible vehicle ensuring you get the quickest possible service.

You also won’t hear any noisy two way radios in a Phoenix Taxi!

GPS & Google Maps

Each vehicle’s GPS tracking system is linked to Google Maps so we know how far away your car is through live tracking. This technology allows us to be 100% accurate with estimated journey travel times. Our staff are trained to follow vehicles as they’re dispatched, so they know taxis have arrived at the correct destination in good time. Unlike other local taxi companies, we don’t transfer our phone lines through to drivers’ own mobile phones, or cease services at night or during quiet periods. Our friendly call taking team are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.