The Green Taxi Service

The first taxi firm in the UK to introduce the Nissan LEAF as an integral part of our fleet

Putting the environment at the heart of our taxi service

Our environmental policy and culture ensures that we are one of the most environmentally focused taxi firms in Europe. We are committed to investing in low emission technologies, putting green taxis at the heart of our business.

Electric Vehicles

We were the first taxi firm in the UK to introduce the Nissan LEAF as an integral part of our fleet. The Nissan Leaf enabled us to reduce pollution and waste and make good on our environmental commitments. As a green taxi, the LEAF emits no carbon dioxide during journeys; there is no negative impact on the environment whilst the car is in use.

The impact has been substantial. As a business we’ve grown rapidly, doubling our turnover and dramatically increasing our fleet size. And yet, we’ve slashed our carbon footprint, saving one hundred thousand tonnes of Carbon between 2010 and 2018.

In 2015, we became the first taxi firm in the UK to add the Tesla Model S 100% electric supercar to our fleet. Like the LEAF, the Tesla is 100% electric and completely carbon free to operate. We’ve since upgraded to the Tesla Model 3 supercar, showing again that a green taxi option doesn’t have to compromise on style.


Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment is no flash in the pan. Since as far back as 1997, taxis in our fleet have run on the cleaner Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuel. In 2009 we also introduced a range of Hybrid vehicles.


Our electric green taxi fleet now stands at around 30, the largest in the UK. We have achieved IS0140001 accreditation for our environmental management processes. We are still committed to constantly improving our supply chain and internal processes to further reduce our impact on the environment. In 2014, Phoenix also became a member of the Woodland Trust. In 2015 and 2016 we received numerous business awards for our environmental policy.

As of 2017, we’ve funded and installed 3 rapid chargers: 2 in Northumberland and 1 at Newcastle University’s main campus. We also have 8 wall chargers: 6 in Northumberland, 1 at Newcastle University’s main campus and 1 in Gosforth. We’re currently in the process of rapidly expanding our network of charge points.

Long term objectives

Our commitment to the environment is not a publicity stunt. While we applaud other firms making inroads to sustainability in their taxi fleets, it’s an essential part of our business model.

We serve some of the region’s largest businesses and are delighted they recognise that using our electric taxis leads to a huge reduction in their carbon footprint. We support them in their own efforts to achieve environmental sustainability, providing carbon savings reports on request.