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We’re responsible for the transport of some of the region’s largest businesses

Open a Phoenix Taxis Business Account

We’re responsible for the transport of some of the region’s largest businesses. With over 200 clients who use an executive account, Phoenix Taxis are one of the North East’s largest corporate taxi providers. Firms from all over the UK and Europe choose to open a business account with Phoenix for employees and clients working in the North East – and here’s why they use us:

7 reasons why you should switch to a Phoenix Taxis Executive Business Account:


1. Green Credentials

We’re the North East’s leading green and eco taxi firm. We can simultaneously slash your firm’s carbon footprint and impress guests and clients with brand new hybrid and 100% electric vehicles. If you operate with a sustainability remit, we can even provide you with a carbon saving report at the end of each month on request.

2. A Luxury Fleet

Phoenix Taxis have an executive fleet of vehicles which are not only more friendly to the environment than standard diesel and petrol vehicles but are also more comfortable and spacious. For VIPs, important guests or for any other journey requiring a modern eco vehicle, you can request: a Tesla Model S electric supercar, a Lexus GS hybrid, a 100% electric Nissan LEAF, or Toyota Auris or C-HR hybrid vehicles. The majority of vehicles used for corporate work are hybrid or electric by standard. We also offer 5-8 seater multi-person vehicles and minibuses and coaches that can transport up to 70 people.

3. The Very Best Service

All drivers sent on corporate bookings wear a smart company uniform and are subject to vehicle quality checks. They’re also trained to deal with customer needs and subject to enhanced DBS checks before they can work with us.

4. Generous Savings

Phoenix Taxis will provide discounted fixed prices for regular journeys that your staff or guests need transport for. On request, we’re happy to send you a total of the savings your business has made by using our fixed prices compared to regular metered prices at standard rates.

5. Experience

We have a proven track record of providing taxis to a number of large organisations in the region, including Northumberland, Newcastle, Durham and North Tyneside Councils.

6. Account Manager Dedicated To Your Needs

All business accounts have a dedicated account manager who will look after every aspect of your account effectively and efficiently, from booking needs to invoicing requirements. Services can be tailored to your operational needs, and we will always act on any new requirements or service issues that you might have. We’re used to tailoring how we work to the nuances and particular demands of business of different sizes so no matter how big or small your transport requirements are, let us know what you need from a taxi provider and we’ll tell you how we can help.

If you’re interested in opening a business account, please email alex.hurst(at), or call 01670 540 222 and ask to speak to Alex Hurst, or use the online contact form below.